PVC-U or “unplasticised polyvinyl chloride” is a kind of thermoplastic derived from elements of salt and petroleum, these ingredients are essentially resistant to different weather conditions and chemical substances. PVC-U is used for door frames, windows and doors are PVC-U FEGA that have been developed by Kömmerling Germany with the addition of some modifier (for strength) and stabilizer (for eco-friendly) and make the material into the optimal compound to serve as the frame material windows and doors.

Kömmerling Germany is the only manufacturer of PVC-U profile stars. 1 in Europe and Asia are using the additive compound “Komalit Z” as a modifier and “Calcium Zinc” as a stabilizer (DIN 77 498), whereas most other PVC manufacturers still use lead as a stabilizer is not environmentally friendly.

PVC-U profiles for windows and doors have been used in European countries over 30 years mainly in Germany and the UK because of its superiority that is not owned by any other alternative raw materials such as wood and aluminum. PVC-U profiles Kömmerling Germany is now recognized worldwide and has also received numerous awards of the international quality standards.

Our Advantages

The technology for windows with the best features

  1. Maximum Wind Resistance
  2. Maximum Water Tightness
  3. Designed For Tropical Climate
  4. Fire Retardant
  5. Efficient Thermal Insulation
  6. High Accoustic Insulation

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About Us

Our company fabricates a PVC-u windows & doors system with European standards, according to DIN, BSI and ISO / EN.

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A registered KÖMMERLING trademark, is the name given to PVC-u window profiles made using the latest stabilizers

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Windows Gallery

Models of windows and doors we've ever made, may be an inspiration for your home.

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